The 70’s Party in the Thatch Barn, 21/11/15. Oh wow.

WGAS Dogs Day out A4 2015_NEWPlease click on poster



Garden Party in Croxton

Garden Party in Croxton













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May 2013 update on Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign

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April 2013 update on Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign

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Superfast Broadband Brief 9 April 2013 FINAL


IMAG01602013 Litterpick – April 6th

20 villagers turned out after 3 postponements due to rubbish weather and tidied the ditches and verges in and around the village.

Thanks to all the willing volunteers and the lovely ladies who baked cakes.

 Renerco Cotton Farm Newsletter 2-1


Since the completion of the construction phase of the 8 turbines at Cotton Farm Wind Farm, the operating company, Renerco, have published another newsletter. Click the thumbnail for a full size pdf.










Wish you could stop smoking? Support from CAMQUIT

I work in the Public Health team for NHS Cambridgeshire and together with many partner organisations we are aiming to reduce the death, disease and cost to society caused by tobacco smoking.

Mother and children A5 addvert

Camquit is our local stop smoking support service who are a team of professional advisors who understand that quitting smoking is different for everyone.  They can arrange Nicotine Replacement therapies at prescription only cost and for those who don’t pay prescriptions these are free.   Camquit is open extended hours, including weekends and have clinics available right across the county!

If you have friends or family who smoke, please feel free to forward my email on to them, they can call our dedicated helpline on 0800 0184304 or self refer to our service via  For more information about our service please visit

Alison Ball – Camquit Administrator


Oil Syndicate

Our experience is that oil provided through a one supplier syndicate is no cheaper than ringing round for the best price. We try to order late winter and late summer when prices, historically are most reasonable.

So this is the plan for Yelling: When Bob Turvey orders he will contact syndicate members for their requirement. He will then ring around 8 suppliers to get the best spot price for the syndicate quantity and advise members of delivery. Syndicate members will be responsible for paying the supplier in the usual way.

Hope that’s OK? Each penny a litre off is a bonus. If you have additional ideas, please let Bob T know on or 880709.


Activities for under 5’s and their carers at

The Daisy Children’s Centre,

Papworth, Varrier Jones Drive.

Opposite Pendragon Primary School

For more info please visit the website