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Hunts DC Annual Report  click here to read the 2013/2014 report

Where is Yelling?            Click here for map

Bee Swarm?         List of local Bee Swarm Collectors

Local Crime News?           Register for eCops emails here

Slow Broadband?           View Ofcom’s interactive map of Broadband coverage and performance

Play Tennis?          For a friendly local tennis club with great facilities,  take a look at the Papworth Tennis club website… here.

Report Potholes?           You can report potholes on the CCC website.  The link is

Bin Collection?           Click here for Yelling bin collection days.

Train Times?           To/from St Neots:

Neighbourhood Watch?          Yelling Neighbourhood Watch Phone Tree: Click here. If you wish to be added, call Elly Peal on 01480 880412.

Churchyard Mowing Rota?    Click here for names and numbers.

Neighbouring village websites:

Croxton village website:

Hilton village website:

Graveley village website:

Papworth village website:

Toseland village website:

Eltisley village website:

Slot Car Racing in Yelling

At SCHORC we race a variety of 1/64 scale slot cars on large 4 lane tracks with computerised lap counting and timing. Small scale racing but big fun!

New members always welcome, first night’s racing is free and all equipment is provided. We normally meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Yelling Village Hall.

Visit SCHORC here


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