Future Village Hall Events


Wednesday 19th September at 8:45pm, in the Village Hall

Over the past year the Management Committee has been looking at the various governance documents that lay down the foundations of running the Village Hall.  We have also had several meetings with Cambridgeshire ACRE (and their legal advisors) to clarify our understanding.

One important issue concerned the Declaration of Trust, dated 16th March 1976, under which our charity is managed under the auspices of the Charity Commission.

Paragraph 2 defines the Management Committee and how it is elected but it makes reference to a “schedule” which was supposed to be appended to the Declaration.  This appendix cannot be found in our historical records, in records of the original signatories or solicitors, or even with the Charity Commission.  To correct this, the Management Committee passed the following resolution, which we now put to the residents of Yelling for their approval.

Once this is agreed we can submit it to the Charity Commission for adoption.

We need the approval of the residents of Yelling so please attend the Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday 19th September at 8:45pm when the following resolution will be put to the meeting for approval in accordance with the rules of Yelling Village Hall Management Committee and S.280 of the Charities Act 2011


YELLING VILLAGE HALL (charity number 270077)


That the governing document of the Charity, namely the Declaration of Trust dated 16th March 1976, be amended in the following manner:

 By deleting existing clause 2 of the Deed and replacing it with the new clause as set out below:

  1. The general management and control of the trust property and the arrangements for its use shall be vested in Yelling Village Hall Management Committee (hereinafter called “the Committee”) consisting of:

FIVE elected members (exclusive of members co-opted under the power hereinafter contained).  The elected members must be elected at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting convened in the circumstances described in clause 3.

SIX appointed representative members.  Each of the following bodies may appoint one member:

  1. Yelling Parish Council,
  2. Holy Cross PCC,
  3. Yelling and District Women’s Institute,
  4. Coffee and Craft Club,
  5. Yelling Social Club, and
  6. Yelling Cricket Club.

Any such appointment must be made according to the ordinary practice of the appointing body and must be notified in writing to the secretary.  An appointment must not be made more than two months before the annual general meeting.

The person appointed need not be a member of the relevant appointing body.

The management committee must promptly report any vacancy in the office of an appointed member to the body entitled to fill it.

The Committee may include not more than TWO co-opted members.  Co-opted members must be appointed at a duly constituted meeting of the management committee.

All such members of the management committee are charity trustees for the purposes of charity law.


Click here to see the Declaration of Trust and clause 2 which is being amended