History and Purpose of the Parish Council

The Parish Council was formed in 1894 and records have been made in Minute Books of every meeting held until the present day.

The Council consists of 7 Councillors who elect the Chairman every year and all serve a term of 4 years, after which they have to stand for re-election. Anyone who is on the Electoral Roll, is 18 or over and has lived, worked or owned property in the village for at least 12 months may stand for election. The Clerk, Phil Himbury, will provide further details.

The Council has a Precept – an allocation of money from the District Council – which covers the cost of running the Council and the Clerk’s salary plus insurance and affiliation fees – and may spend it on improving amenities in the village. Councillors are unpaid.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about the village, please contact any Councillor or the Clerk. Contact details here.

 John Peal