Transparency Code – 2016

In compliance with new legislation to publish certain financial data relating to the Parish Council’s activities, the following documents are available for review:

• A description of the Code’s data requirements, (TransparencyCodeDataTemplate.pdf);
• Expenditure > £100, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-Expenditure above £100.pdf);
• End of year accounts, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-Accounting Statements.pdf);
• Bank reconciliation, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-BankReconciliation.pdf);
• Variances, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-Variances.pdf);
• Annual governance statement, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-AnnualGovernanceStatement.pdf);
• Internal audit report, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-InternalAuditReport.pdf);
• Councillor listing, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-CouncillorListing.pdf);
• Location of public land listing, (YPC-Transparency Code 2016-Location of Land Listing.pdf).

Any queries on this data should be addressed in writing to the Clerk to the Parish Council.