The Community Garden & Cafe

– Recreation area – Space for village events – Picnic area – Vegetable gardens –
– Children’s play area & garden –

It has come to our attention in the last few years that what Yelling and the surrounding area are lacking is some kind of outdoor community space. As a result we have been busy over the summer preparing the ground next to the Chapel (which had previously been laid to waste) to create a community garden. Our thanks go to Luminus Housing association for lending us the land.

We have also converted the space behind the chapel so it can be used as a children’s play area.

When did it open? 18th May 2013

When can I use it? The main garden is open for general use most of the time, but if you want to put on any special events using the area, please speak to us first to check we don’t have anything planned.

Can I hire a veggie patch? There are a limited number of veggie patches for hire. If you would like one please contact us. It’s first come first served!